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  •  IF I FLY THE PUPPY TO YOU, the price is:  $3,800.00, which includes crate, micro chipping, health certificate and SHIPPING. This price is subject to change dependent on actual airfare charges at the time of booking.

  •  IF you pick up your puppy here at our home, you will be charged sales tax on top of the $2,400.00, and does NOT include crate, but does include the micro chip. 

  • If you fly to Billings Montana and we bring the puppy to you,  the price is $2,600.00 which will  include the crate & health certificate to fly, plus traveling fees however we will not have to charge sales tax. 

  • If we meet you in some other place other than our home we charge $2,500.00 which includes crate, micro chip, no sales tax....HOWEVER traveling fees will be determined by how far we have to go and current fuel prices.


At this time we are not offering mentorship for breeding and/or show potential.


Please take the time to look through each page to find out more about us, our loved ones, the Alaskan Klee Kai breed.


In the meantime you can reach us at 307-250-5810.  We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address:


Each baby that leaves here will have his/her own crate (if being flown), a cuddle blanket, and microchipped,  We expect our parents to keep us updated on progress, milestones, good news and bad! 


ALL ITZY BITZY HUSKIES PARENTS MUST REPORT REGULARLY TO US HOW THE PUPPY IS GROWING, TEMPERAMENT, WEIGHT, ETC.  This is a REQUIREMENT, NOT an OPTION!  Any parent NOT participating in regular reports will have to relinquish their puppy back to Itzy Bitzy Huskies.

We have had too many parents "disappear" after bringing their puppy home, and that not only breaks our hearts, but more importantly makes it hard for us to keep track of medical conditions, temperaments, etc. to ensure all of our puppies grow into healthy adults.  We may find years down the line there is a health issue with our breeding lines that could have been prevented by better monitoring of our grandbabies.

If you feel you cannot obligate a paragraph once in a while, then please DO NOT apply for an Itzy Bitzy Husky Puppy!

To see the puppies in action, please visit our youtube videos ---> CLICK




we are expecting puppies

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