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Meet the IBH

We first found out about the AKK by watching a TV series Designer Dogs, and I KNEW I needed one.  After months of research, I was able to find my own jewel via the internet.  He flew in from Alabama, and WAS with us 24 x 7 ever since.  After learning more about the AKK, and falling totally in love with the breed, we decided to help others find their own true loves, by getting into the breeding program.  He passed  away at the age of 15, and I miss him every day!!!!!


We used to be based in Moose Lake MN, and the Itzy Bitzy had his own pet facility called "Kennelz & Bitz, however we decided to sell our home and business and relocate to beautiful Clark Wyoming. Since moving to the mountains, the gang does miss the lush green grass that they once romped through, but love the fact that they now have me, (Lori)  home with them 24 x 7 since I suffered a severe head injury March 2013. 



Because of that injury I have some bad days where I need to take brain breaks, so do not be alarmed if it takes us a few days to get back in touch with you.  I have been very active with the Alaskan Klee Kai associations, holding different offices in different clubs. I was one of the founding BOD members of Alaskan Klee Kai National Rescue Association, as being elected their first secretary. I also was the secretary of the United Alaskan Klee Kai Breed Club, and has since been nominated Membership Secretary of the Alaskan Klee Kai Association of America breed club, and is currently a volunteer for AKKNR. 


We have been breeding klee kai since 2008, and have years of breeding experience by raising cocker spaniels.  We live on a hobby farm, and Gordy and I both grew up in the country living with animals of all kinds, shapes and sizes


Miss Mandy is from Itzy Bitzy Milley and Junea of Damsask Rose. Laurie and Rich do a wonderful job with their babies.  Mandy will soon be retired and re-homed.

Colton Cool
Colton came from Wiebelhusky's.  Colton is full of energy, but can also be mellow.  He has a wonderful front end and gives his puppies his wonderful personality that has tons of spunk, but full of class.  
Miss Morgan

She is BUILT, outgoing, and full of adventurous curiosity.  She tends to throw standards with strong bones.

Miss Shiloh

Loving, stunning, friendly and loves to cuddle.  She reminds me so much of our Itzy Bitzy. She throws very petite outgoing puppies.

Miss Shyanne

Loving, stunning, friendly love bugwho loves everyone and prefers to walk on her back legs instead of all four.


She's our Beautiful Bombshell that loves to have fun, fun, fun, and has a lot of energy.  Her puppies tend to be on the large minis and standards.

Miss Elsa

My Velcro Girl who wants to be a mommy to all puppies and baby animals.  She also tends to throw smaller boned puppies.


Just as Spicey's name implies she's full of sass!



Our Blue Eyed Squirley Toy Boy.

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