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Available IBH


We are accepting applications for future litters.



ALL ITZY BITZY HUSKIES PARENTS MUST REPORT REGULARLY TO US HOW THE PUPPY IS GROWING, TEMPERAMENT, WEIGHT, ETC.  This is a REQUIREMENT, NOT an OPTION!  Any parent NOT participating in regular reports will have to relinquish their puppy back to Itzy Bitzy Huskies.

We have had too many parents "disappear" after bringing their puppy home, and that not only breaks our hearts, but more importantly makes it hard for us to keep track of medical conditions, temperaments, etc. to ensure all of our puppies grow into healthy adults.  We may find years down the line there is a health issue with our breeding lines that could have been prevented by better monitoring of our grandbabies.

If you feel you cannot obligate a paragraph at least once a year to us, then please DO NOT apply for an Itzy Bitzy Husky Puppy!

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